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Lisa Gaultney

As owner of Inversions Pole Fitness LLC, Lisa’s strong interest in the art of pole dancing began in 2009 with her desire to gain physical exercise but and also to cope with the loss of her beloved father.

A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Lisa’s athletic skills are attributed to her early years of training in several forms of dance, including jazz and tap as well as gymnastics, soccer, mountain biking and cheerleading.

A College of Charleston graduate and an entrepreneur at heart, Lisa’s sense of dedication and determination can be seen in her past ten years as a pharmaceutical sales representative while also maintaining several successful online businesses.

Lisa has practiced pole dancing for over five years and is certified to teach pole dance fitness and POLGA™ through the Stiletto Gym (FIMB), Fabulous in Mind and Body. Lisa has trained with top instructors and competitors as well as completed workshops with national and internationally pole champions such as; Karol Helms, Lou Landers, Jamilla Deville, Michelle Stanek, etc. Lisa has developed her own curriculum and syllabus teacher training program that she uses to train and certify her instructors at Inversions Pole Fitness. In addition, Lisa has trained students to compete in National pole competitions and strives each day to guide her students deeper into their pole journey!

Lisa established Inversions Pole Fitness not only because of her love for pole dancing but also her strong desire to teach and motivate others. Her goal is to motivate her students to build both physical and mental strength and relieve life’s day to day stressors towards becoming totally rejuvenated. Through exciting pole fitness training activities, her students will feel good, look amazing and have great fun!

Kayla Renee Sanders

Kayla has been pole dancing for nearly three years. Kayla is certified to teach pole dance fitness through Inversions Pole Fitness and POLGA™ through the Stilletto Gym. Outside from the studio, she is a full time Licensed Cosmetologist at Alexandria's Salon and Spa in Mount Pleasant. Her passion is helping people feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

A lover of the great outdoors and pretty much any physical activity, Kayla has participated in many outlets for fitness. From gymnastics to volleyball, horseback riding to rock wall climbing, belly dancing and chair dance to the good ol' gym. Pole Fitness finally won her heart and soul. After the first class she was addicted.

What Kayla loves about Inversions is that no matter what shape, size, age or skill level everyone supports each other and becomes a family. It is important to her that the ladies taking a pole class feel comfortable with their bodies and external interpretation of who they are inside.

If there is any way she can help to improve your self-awareness and confidence, Kayla will strive to get you there.

Getting in touch with yourself as a woman and learning to love your body is key in pole fitness, and Kayla loves the combination of dance and intense core training. Whether it's slow and sensual, or fast and furious, pole dance is more than is a way of life.

Whitney Peters

Whitney Peters began her pole dancing journey with Inversions in 2012 as a student. Whitney attended class with three friends and fell in love with the challenge of learning pole dance moves, tricks and spins. Whitney is a graduate of Ball State University in Indiana and holds a degree in Speech-Language pathology. Whitney truly enjoys helping others as seen in her day job and through her role at Inversions Pole Fitness. Whitney spends her time watching college basketball, being a bridesmate (well over 8 in one year), and enjoying Charleston! Whitney is certified in CPR and Pole Dance Fitness Level 1 and 2 through Inversions Pole Fitness.

Samantha Ingram

Samantha started dancing as a student at Inversions in October 2012, under the instruction of Master Trainer, Lisa Gaultney. What started as a fun, positive outlet for fitness became a full blown passion, inspiring her to share her love of pole dancing with others as an instructor. Samantha grew up participating in gymnastics, softball, soccer, and basketball. Always interested in fitness, she joined the Wilderness Activities Program and taught group aerobics classes at Presbyterian College, later taking ballet classes under the instruction of Robert Ivey at the College of Charleston. She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and Master of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education.

Motivated not by how her body looked, but by the skills it could accomplish, Samantha developed increased confidence through pole fitness and loves the supportive community of women she has met through it. She is constantly empowered by mastering tricks that were once difficult, while always striving for new challenges and hopes to share that excitement with each client throughout their own pole journey. When not in a classroom or studio, Samantha can be found at the beach, playing Candy Crush, or posting her pole progress on her blog, and Instagram (@inversionsgirlsam). Sam is certified to teach Level 1-4 through Inversions Pole Fitness.

Danielle Ledwell

Danielle started pole dancing with Inversions in early 2013 as a student. Danielle quickly fell in love with the Inversions program. Danielle dislikes working out at the gym and enjoys trying alternative workouts such as pole dancing and rock climbing. She loves the feeling of achievement when she reaches the top of a pole or a mountain. Danielle is a full time EMT because she loves saving lives and helping people. She believes pole fitness can empower women to feel strong and sexy! The amount of strength Danielle gained in 6 months while a student at Inversions inspired her to start teaching others. She truly enjoys helping other women feel strong and sexy and hopes to spread her passion for pole to every woman who walks in our doors! Danielle is certified in CPR and Pole Dance Fitness Level 1 and 2 through Inversions Pole Fitness.

Helen Doherty

Helen began taking Zumba classes in 2009 at her local gym and fell in love. She began her dance career in high school in 2005 and continued to dance all through college at The College of Wooster, in Ohio, where she graduated in 2012 with a B.A. in History. Her dance background is in modern, tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, clogging, irish and cheerleading. As an avid runner during and after college Helen began training for a half marathon, which she ran in February 2014. After the race her knees would no longer sustain long distance runs so she looked for other avenues for fitness. After endless boring months in the gym, falling back into the dance world was an easy and logical choice. She began taking classes at Inversions as a pole student in November 2014 and got her Zumba Instructor License in December 2014. What she loves about Zumba and being a part of Inversions is the safe space it creates. It’s a place for people of all ages and sizes and abilities. Zumba focuses on the “party” aspect of working out, making it more about having fun and moving than exact steps and choreography. Helen is licensed to teach Zumba Basic 1.

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