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All classes are 60 min
1x week for 5 weeks=$95
2x week for 5 weeks=$150
Unlimited for 5 weeks=$200
Private Lessons - please inquire


Intro to Pole Fit 60 min - Level 1

Pole Dance Fitness is one of the hottest workouts today.  Whether you want to learn the sensual side of pole fitness or the sporty more challenging side of pole dance fitness, Intro to Pole Fit will introduce you to this fun sexy exercise that will not only build muscle but your confidence. Focused on safety first, this class will be an introduction to basic pole grips, struts, floor and standing moves.  You will be introduced to beginner stretching and strength training exercises that will be focused on preparing you to confidently climb, spin and lift on the pole no matter your size, body type or age.  Pole Dance Fitness helps build muscle strength, aids flexibility and includes cardio exercise activity that promises to burn at least 400 calories per hour.  No dance experience required and stilettos are optional!  Bare legs are essential as part of the class requires gripping of the pole.  Participants must reserve a class day and time in advance, as space is limited.  Classes are kept small with a max of eight students for more focused one on one instruction.

Beginner Pole Fit 60 min  - Level 2

Beginner Pole Fit is for those who have completed at least one Intro to Pole Fit Class. This is where you will begin building on the basic grips, hands positions, floor moves, standing poses, pole climbs and basic spins introduced in Intro to Pole Fit. This class will focus on learning 20 basic pole dance and floor moves. You will learn how to incorporate these moves into a routine that will tighten and tone your body. This class will include a deeper stretching and strength training warm-up followed by plenty of pole time. You are guaranteed to see results zoning in on those specific problem areas in this 5 week series class. Class participants can attend one, two or three days a week. This is a progressive class building upon what you learned the previous week. No dance experience required and stilettos are optional! Bare legs are essential as part of the class requires gripping of the pole. Promises to burn at least 500 calories per class.

Intermediate Pole Fit 60 min - Level 3

Intermediate Pole Fit will build upon what you have mastered in Beginner Pole Fit. You will learn 25 additional pole dance and floor moves. You will take your basic spins to a higher level increasing the intensity of your workout and expanding on combinations learned in Beginner Pole Fit. Intermediate pole fit will put a greater focus on balance, flexibility, and core strength training. You will begin preparing for inverting on the pole which will require more total body conditioning and static exercises on the pole. This cardio, spinning and strength building class promises to burn at least 500 calories.

Advanced Pole Fit 60 min – Level 4

Advanced Pole Fit will build upon what you have mastered in Intermediate Pole Fit. In this class very little dance choreography will be taught as your focus will be on mastering the most advanced level pole tricks. With this class the workouts become more challenging. We continue to get comfortable with being upside down on the pole and learning challenging spins.

Abs, Butt and Thighs Pole Fit 60 min

ABT/Pole Sculpting is a class for those who want to focus on pole conditioning focused on specific muscle areas! Zoning in on those specific problems areas, abs, butts and thighs, this class is guaranteed to leave you with burning impact. Focused more on strength training versus dance choreography this class will incorporate the use of the pole, stretching bands and medicine balls to give you a sculpted workout! Participants in all levels are encouraged to take this class as part of their current pole level class. Level 1-4 pole tricks will be taught in this class. Promises to burn at least 500 calories per class.


Polga takes moves from pole fitness and combines them with Yoga poses to create Polga, which makes for a fun, dynamic workout that uses the pole for strengthening, stability, and alignment.The great thing about using the pole is that you are able to stabilize and balance more easily, as well as use it for stretching, strengthening, and elevating your heart rate. The class is very fluid in nature and is a great cardio workout. Polga takes your basic Power or Hatha Yoga poses and adds the pole for stretching, strengthening, and alignment. The class is 60 minutes, and is great for beginners to advanced. POLGA will take you on a journey on how to connect with your heart, mind, body and soul femme. You will pinpoint areas of physical and emotional resistance in your pole dancing and turn this frustration into a pose that is enjoyable and soothing. POLGA will help you gain the flexibility and core strength to master Level 1-4 pole tricks. We will focus on fluid movement, core isolation and sensuality. Broad, open outer hips, watery, whirlpooling abdomen, flexing, flaring back body…spinning around yourself….that's POLGA!

Chair Fitness

Chair Fitness is open to all levels and is an excellent supplement to your Pole Fitness classes. Chair helps you embrace your sensuality, while giving you an intense overall body workout. This class combines strength training with dance choreography simply through the use of a chair, floor work, and your own body weight. In addition to the muscle conditioning, you will learn some sexy, sensual chair work as well as fun booty-popping dance moves. This class is sure to leave you feeling SexySweatySoreSatisfied!


This is NOT a class for our beginner students. This class focuses on inverted balance, strength and endurance. Students will focus on all aerial poses and tricks. This is an aggressive class that will help students master those movements that would otherwise seem impossible. Each student must be able to lift themselves onto the pole!


Looking to dance, spin, and climb your way through a complete routine choreographed by our instructors? Then this is the perfect class for you! Choreography class features a 15 minute warm-up and stretch, review of dance moves, spins, and tricks appropriate for beginner-intermediate level students, and plenty of synchronized practice time. You will be taught to interpret music, project emotion, and refine your dance technique while rehearsing a special routine to a different song each 5-week session. Invite your friends and family for our Week 5 finale performance! Choreography makes a great addition to your current foundational pole fitness classes! Sign up today to get fit, while having fun.

Flexibility and Floorplay

This class combines sexy, muscle-toning floorwork exercises, deep stretching, and modified split training on and off the pole, for a great flexibility workout. Each class focuses on techniques from yoga, ballet, exotic dance, and beginner contortionism to help you build a toned and limber body. Join us for Flexibility and Floorplay on Wednesdays to work on achieving those splits you’ve always wanted. This class is appropriate for any fitness level and is a great supplement to your current pole session package.
Hip Hop Dance Class

Hip Hop Dance Fitness Tuesday 12 May This class is structured to offer an intense cardiovascular workout, in addition to teaching students basic Hip Hop dance movements and technique. The class is ideal for students looking to tone muscles, achieve weight loss and/or increase stamina. This class will not involve using the pole. Please wear comfortable clothes to move in or jazz pants. Jazz shoes or dance sneakers required.

ZumbaⓇ - 60 minutes

Taking the “work” out of working out, ZumbaⓇ is a mix of high and low intensity dance fitness. It’s an hour class of constant movement working your entire body through Latin-inspired dance moves. Classes are a compilation of songs leading you through a warm-up, various dances in different styles, and finally a cool down. The class brings all aspects of fitness together- cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. In ZumbaⓇ you can move at your own pace as long as you keep moving! The class is focused entirely on having fun and feeling the music. No dance experience required. ZumbaⓇ is a dance class for people of all ages, sizes and dance abilities. Best shoes to wear are: court shoes or "aerobic" shoes – wear shoes that do not have a lot of tread at the bottom and are meant for medial/lateral/twisting motion. Jazz sneakers are fine too. ZumbaⓇ can burn between 500-900 calories in a class.


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